1. Do you take on custom orders? -Yes I do,feel free to contact me about doing something custom for you.
  2. How much to paint my bike? The breakdown is usually like this if you supply the parts. Tank 800.00, tank and fender 1000.00, tank,fender and oil bag 1400.00, tank,fender,oil bag and frame 2400.00. All prices do not include shipping. I require half down and the other half plus shipping when the job is complete. If you do not see the price break down for the work you would like to have or need parts worked into the price feel free to contact me. 
  3. I really liked a piece you had listed but it sold,can you paint me one just like it?-Sadly no,everything I do is a one off custom piece. I can do something close to something that has already sold but not an exact reproduction. This way each customer knows they are getting a one off,hand painted piece of art work.
  4. Orders and shipping-All orders are processed via Paypal and ship USPS priority mail in the USA. All orders shipped outside the US will ship USPS standard shipping.
  5. I already have a helmet,can you flake and kandy it?-Yes I can but it is cheaper to start with a new Biltwell. If I have to flake it then I will have to smooth flake,that's more labor and time.
  6. How much to paint a helmet?-Pricing varies from helmet to helmet. Feel free to email me and give me as much info as possible and I will send you back a price.
  7. how much to stripe my bike?-It depends on the areas and how much you would like to get done. Please feel free to email me with as much information as possible and I will send you back a price.  
  8. How do you do image transfers? I get this question around three times per week. I’m sorry to say I can not tell you how to do image transfers. This is my only job and I can’t tell everyone how I do it.